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Here are some general questions we get about our jobs

How much do your remodels cost?

We cannot price your remodel without doing a full measuring job. We have to take into account your current plumbing, electrical and space to be able to price your kitchen. 

What are your cabinets made of?

Our cabinets are built with the finest hand selected raw materials available. This ensures consistent quality and uniform appearance. The cabinets are made from cabinet grade 3/4" birch plywood and MDF paneled doors.

Are your cabinets soft close?

Yes, our cabinet doors and drawers come standard with soft-close technology with the exception of a few of our speciality cabinets.

How fast do you install?

We take into consideration the lifestyle and time of our customers and it is very important to not leave our customers without a kitchen for a extended period of time. Once your contract is signed and we have an estimated ship date, we will go ahead and schedule your install with you. Once cabinets are set, it can take 1-3 weeks for a rock counter top to be templated and another 2-3 weeks for fabrication and install.

What is the difference in your counter top selections?

We offer a few different options for your counter tops. 

  • Laminate/Formica tops consist of plastic fused with kraft paper or particleboard. The look is to imitate materials like rock, wood and/or marble at an affordable price.

  • Quartz tops is a man-made or engineered stone with more color and pattern selections. It is stain resistant and scratch resistant with no maintenance required. Cost starts around $40 per square foot.

  • Granite is a natural stone with many color and patterns selections. It is stain, heat and scratch resistant and must be sealed annually. Cost starts around $35 per square foot.

  • Marble is a metamorphic rock that is known for being beautiful and high in price. It requires extensive care and is very porous and it will stain unless properly sealed. Cost starts around $50 per square foot. 

  • Quartzite is a natural stone with many color and patterns selections. 

  • Soapstone tops etch and scratch easily and must be oiled on a regular basis. They are soft at the touch and have a powdery feel to them.

Where are your cabinets manufactured?

Our cabinets are a combination of USA and Globally sourced components yet they're all assembled in the USA.

How do I clean my cabinets?

  • Avoid damaging your stains and finish by blotting the cabinet surface instead of wiping when wet.

  • Be sure to use only mild cleaners when cleaning cabinet surfaces.

  • Cleaning products should never be sprayed directly onto the wood. Apply the product to a cleaning cloth instead.

  • Damp soft cloths should be used to clean cabinets on a regular basis.

  • Excess water should be dried immediately to avoid water damage to cabinet finishes.

For a link to a printable document on keeping your cabinets clean, please click here.

Do you carry a contractors licenses?

Yes, we carry a Class A Contractors licenses with a plumbing and electrical major. If you're doing business with us or interested in doing business with us and would like our licenses # we can provide that to you.

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