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Welcome Dublin Home Store Friends and Family

Here you have it! Our first #blog post to be shared with you all. Now, I have to just come out and say first hand, I am not a professional writer. My grammar is hit or miss and if my sister isn't proof reading it before hand, it probably will have multiple errors. So, show me a little grace here. :)

My name is Kayla Lewis and I am President and Co-Owner of our #womanownedsmallbusiness, Dublin Home Store. My focus is family first and I run myself ragged with my two kiddos and their extracurricular activities. First, I have Gianna who is a member of a competition dance team, a member of a AAU travel basketball team, volleyball player and asking to add soccer. (Ughh, I don't think so) She is my type A, head strong child who loves school, reading, going to the gym (she can leg press 200lbs at age 9 <insert large eye emoji>) and her social life most of all. Then, I have Gage who is all boy, #futurefarmerofAmerica, #futurebuilder, future dumpster truck driver and the list goes on, oh yes, and star soccer player! He is also my super duper head strong (they get it from their mama) child who annunciates every word, talks about things not even a grown up would know anything about and knows all things trucks. And, I can't forget Nala, my 3-year old Goldendoodle who is a human child all within her self. I appreciate all things sports, as I love #basketball. I play in the adult league, I coach my daughter and nephew, Eli's team and attend as many games around as I can. I love to cook, when the time allows, traveling has become a big part of my bucket list here lately and anything architectural/contractor/design related catches my eye. My #instagram is full of remodeled homes and kitchens, the cast of #sellingsunset aka #theoppenheimgroup , recipes and #thetodayshow posts. Now, that is a little about me, now onto the "warehouse", as we call it.

At Dublin Home Store, we sell furniture and home decor but our primary focus is #kitchen and #bathroomremodels. To be honest, once our furniture and home decor is sold we will not be bringing it back. Our remodels are keeping us so busy, we don't have the time to focus on the furniture side of the business. So, if you are looking for a good deal on some furniture come by and see us and please take the stuff out of here before Dad decides to have a bonfire out in the parking lot. And, yes, this has been mentioned more than once.

Dad and I started talking about the kitchen remodel/cabinet business pre-covid and was super excited about the possibility of working with the Town of Dublin in #pulaskicounty #virginia to start renovating one of the old Burlington Mills warehouses, then as you know it, #Covid19 struck and all things business hit the hillside. I thought the thought of it was gone and it was time to move onto something else. Then, finally after our world started opening up the topic came up again and before we knew it we were remodeling a 10,000 square foot warehouse with no plumbing nor electrical. A long eight months later, we opened the doors on June 4th, 2021 and haven't slowed down yet with our remodels. We're so thankful and blessed to have such wonderful customers and customers that have faith in us to complete their #kitchenremodel. We carry a Class A contractors license with electrical and plumbing with 40+ years experience in the field. I am proficient in ProKitchen 3D software and carry a undergrad degree in Business Administration, a Masters of Business Association and a certificate in Interior Design. And, hopes of carrying my own Class A contractors license by Fall of 2022. #Fingerscrossed!

The purpose of this blog and/or newsletter is to share with you what is going on in our business, Dublin Home Store and to share organizational tips for your home, ways to improve your space without breaking the bank, remodeling pros and cons, tips and tricks and maybe throw in some recipes along the way and well, ya never know what else might come up. I am excited to share through-out this journey with you more information on our cabinets and counter tops, some of our top selling plumbing and kitchen accessories and more.

Be sure to follow us on our social media pages Facebook | Instagram and check out our website for new cabinet styles and colors, new accessories, events, completed jobs and more!

If you have any ideas or topics you want to discuss, drop them below in the comment section and I will work on adding them in on the calendar. We are new at this and together I hope we can make this a fun, informational and safe place for all of us to come together and learn from each other.

To continue readying and get notified of new posts and publications, click the button below!

-Kayla Lewis

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